Thursday, March 13, 2008

I can't speak Engrish

Me: Ooh, can I sit in on your English class?!
KH: Haha, sure... wait, how do you say that in English?
Me: Um... you know... "sit in on a class..."
KH: Isn't there a specific word for it?
Me: Yeah, there is... it's at the tip of my tongue... 
KH: Uh-huh...
Me: I'm losing my English!
KH: Hahaha.
Me: Give me one second.
KH: Your second's up!
Me: Wait, I swear I know this!
***frantically IMs Dave/Oliver in Boston***
Me: I got it! It's called "AUDITING!"

청강하다 = to audit a course/sit in on a lecture

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