Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I love Korean Air

When booking my trip to Tokyo from SF, despite the availability of less painful, non-stop options, I thought flying Korean Air would outweigh the hassle of transferring and re-checking in (especially at the Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal at LAX, which I've come to realize, is NOT fun.)


For starters, once I boarded, I was welcomed with that warm and tingly familiar feeling - that air service can indeed come with a smile, and that your time in the plane, though rarely ever pleasant, can be made that much more bearable. (Virgin's also pretty damn good at this. ^^)

I also had a chance to speak in Korean again. From the counter to the gate to the plane. I even filled out my customs form in good ol' 한글, though admittedly, I couldn't understand most of the bottom part, which I just assumed asked whether or not I was smuggling drugs or attempting to import funny types of cheese.

Oh, there's also the frequent flyer miles.

But everyone knows IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GOCHUJANG. Yes, a 20g tube of hot pepper paste does wonders when you're stuck at thirty-something-thousand feet in the air for eleven and a half hours.

(PS. I had to do everything in my power not to jump back on that plane, whose final destination was ICN, after a quick Narita pit stop. Trust me, I considered it. Seriously considered it. Ah, Korea. I miss you.)


InMySeoul said...

I totally agree with you!
I flew Korean Air from Paris to ICN. Korean Air didnt have a flight from

I was lucky enough my company paid for business class travel, but I'd always get the bibimbop with 3 rolls of gochuchang!!! :)

I always laughed because all of the stewardess's would speak to me in Korean, until I told everyone of them that I couldnt speak. Then they were also confused when I'd always order the bibimbop instead of the other meals!

The best part is the service. During the entire flight, the attendents are always walking up and down the aisles to make sure you have everything you need. Compared to Air Chance/Frog (what we called Air France) or other US companies, they slap your food in front of you and then better then farm animals! And I wonder why our air lines are struggling so much...I do remember back when I was a kid, airlines all used to be as gracious and good hosts as Korean Air.

Ive heard that most asian airlines are like that.

Grace said...

you are hilarious. even taking pics of airplane food. i miss you dearly!!! please come back soon so we can at least have a good phone chat!!!