Monday, November 17, 2008

Tsukiji Fish Market - From Boat to Bowl

Is it worth waking up at 5AM to watch a tuna auction, browse the market, and eat raw fish for breakfast? Of course! And I'd do it again tomorrow.

Much better footage can be found on YouTube but here are my attempts (and I didn't get run over!)

Workers flying by with tuna in tow, and the auction going on in the background:

Watching people at work alongside the dozens of flash frozen tuna fish just off the boat:


InMySeoul said...

That looks so awesome! I went to the Jagalchi fish market (in Busan), hoping to see something similar...unfotunately it wasnt!

That tuna breakfast looks awesome!

cyndi said...

Mmmm that chirashi bowl looks really good!

i wanted to go to the Tsukiji Fish Maket but i couldn't wake up in time. ^^ maybe next time...