Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jin Sho - a taste of Nobu on the Peninsula?

I've quickly become a fan of one of Onni's recent sushi finds in Palo Alto. I think she's becoming a regular and I understand why. Jin Sho, opened just under a year ago by two Nobu alums, occupies a modest space while serving up fresh, quality fish. Check out Sushi Monster's review on Chowhound if you're curious for details. Otherwise, just enjoy the pictures and salivate. ^^

Onni (w/Sake Nigiri, Sawara Nigiri, and Hamachi Sashimi)

Corn Tempura with Matcha Salt

White Fish Marinated w/Yuzu Soy, Topped w/Hot Oil

White Tuna and Sake Sashimi

Spicy Tuna Roll

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Daniel Gray said...

Looks delicious^^ I'm jealous