Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I <3 han jeong shik

Korean table d'hôte.

Can we possibly finish all of this?

Of course, and let's ask for seconds too!

Food coma...


InMySeoul said...

OHH i so wish I was there!! I love that too! its called han jeong shik? Does that translate to like the kings table or something like that?

Cheri said...

From http://www.koreafoods.co.uk/en/culture_02.php

Hanjeongsik is a full-course Korean meal with an array of savory side dishes. The most lavish of hanjeongsik traditional originated with the banquets served in the royal palaces or the homes of aristocrats. Usually the course starts with a cold appetizer and gruel, and the main dishes include dishes mixed with seasoning either grilled, boiled, steamed, fried, or salted. Hot pots are included as well, and after the meal traditional punches such as Sikhye(sweet rice punch) or Sujeonggwa(cinnamon-persimmon punch) and other desserts may be served. Actually the types or dishes served in the hanjeongsik vary significantly according to the season or region.