Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fruit soju and lessons in Korean

I consider myself a relatively healthy person, but I'm pretty sure I've been under the weather more times in Korea than ever before. It's probably got something to do with sleep deprivation and an unbalanced diet. (I can see the rolled eyes and nods of agreement from across the interweb.) Luckily, I'm back up to 80% (and still going) thanks to a brilliant combination of generic (Canadian made) NyQuil, random Korean cold meds, way too much sleep, magic grapes, and good ol' TLC. I also think I've managed to gain a good 5 lbs or so from all that feeding (e.g. see above), even when food was the last thing on my mind - shocker! Now all I've got to work on is the emotional distress, swollen lip, and Flinstones-esque bump on my head (yes, a classic Cheri moment), and I'm good to go. So let's see, shall we. Blog attack, here we go.

There's really only one reason for this post (maybe two). You can scroll down to the last photo ("Part F") if you're the impatient kind.

Here are some photos from a place called Hue in Kangnam along with a little bit of I-have-a-head-cold commentary.

A) I still don't understand Koreans' idea of "salad." Yes, that gigantic dollop of white goo hiding under the shredded carrots is some sort of sweet I-want-to-give-you-a-heart-attack mayo concoction, and yes, those pickles have managed to recycle themselves into this dish.

B) Yogurt soju in a big bowl. This reminds me of New York, only our homemade version tasted better. (Henry, can you please explain to me again why I shouldn't order this in a restaurant? You said it's because "you know what goes into it" but I don't quite understand...)

C) "Aiyee ooh, killer tofu." This only works if you sing along with the Beets, kids. (Click here for a flashback.)

D) Clearly, I was late for the picture. Jun... demolished.

E) Here's the fun part... sojuice served in real fruit! I thought they were skimping on the alcohol but then again, that would just be silly from a financial perspective. I'm pretty sure fresh squeezed OJ is much more costly by the fluid ounce than soju.

F) At our sam cha, (which we landed at thanks to some random Koreans), I discovered the little black book full of useful Korean expressions. Let's see... what did we learn in class today?

No need to hide from the camera. ; )

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