Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Day trip to Wolmido

It's still a trip to see my buddies in all different parts of the world. Friendship knows no boundaries, no distances, no fear. ; ) Met up with Beckett in Incheon this past weekend, and got a tour of Wolmido (월미도), a famous naengmyeon street (냉면거리), and Inha Uni (인하대).

It's really easy to get out here; all you have to do is take Line #1 all the way out to Incheon Station (where Korea's "Chinatown" is located) and take a cab or bus to Wolmido. Beckett kept reminding me of how filthy the water was (apparent by the abundance of water roach looking creatures near the rocks), but the view's beautiful from afar. ^^

We stopped by the amusement park, famous for the Viking and Apollo Disco rides. It was tres 힘들다. ㅠㅠ I must be getting old.

I was perfectly fine the first time around, but our second ride on the Viking required a 20 minute sit down break, and we were dizzy the entire night. To my defense (I swear to be a rollercoaster-riding-senior-citizen long after retirement), although it may not appear particularly scary - believe me - this thing goes sky high, forcing you to choose whether to worry about your stomach popping out of your body or the bar giving way (SPLAT!)... Have you ever ridden the Zipper (please refer to Wiki's Safety Issues paragraph) at a state fair? Yep, Six Flag's got nothing on these rinky dinky carnivals.

The Apollo Disco was a whole 'nother story. Basically, the ride operator knocks kids out of their seats (and keeps 'em down) while sarcastically making fun of people till they turn red. Oh and on top of that, some random dude does back flips while the ride's in operation.

After a very trying day on the rides, we were famished and consequently stuffed ourselves with non-human size portions of delicious, refreshing naengmyeon (물냉면).

We somehow managed to eat even more around the Inha campus. Why won't they just let you have a plain ol' beer in Korea?


the Korean said...

A friend of mine, a thrill-rides-fan, is utterly convinced that rides in Wolmido are the scariest in Korea because no where else in the country do you feel threats to your life while riding them.

InMySeoul said...

Besides being huge, how did the nangmyeon taste?

Can you explain more about "why in korea they cant just let you have a beer?" comment?

Cheri said...

The Korean - I've heard that from a couple of my friends as well. I just didn't find out until after...

Richard - the naengmyeon was delicious! It was really refreshing, and had the right amount of "chew" to it. :) As for the beer... I was just making a reference to the fact that it's so common to have your alcohol with anju. You know, you go in for a beer after dinner but somehow also end up ordering kimchi jun on the side. Or something to that effect. :)