Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dragon beard candy in Insadong (인사동 꿀타래)

Mmh, nothing like 16,000 strands of stretched out sugar wrapped over nuts to satiate your sweet tooth!

You can find these 꿀타래, or dragon's beard candy, stands in touristy areas like Insadong and Myeongdong; they can draw quite a crowd with their enthusiastic cries of candy making joy in just about any language you please. (Well, for the record, I've only heard it in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.) Is that really 16,000 strands, you say?!


InMySeoul said...

That stuff is really good. It really is 16,000 strands! If you do the math, they make a circle out of the honey. Then they "fold" it to make two loops of honey. If they do it 13 times, its over 16,000 "loops" created in the honey!...ok too much tastes good.

Jane Kaylor said...

Oh... the above website is down!!! Here is found another online store .