Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's been a while

So I've received a few random emails and Facebook messages that have kindly demanded requested that I update my blog. Apparently the subject of "tofu hell" was starting to get a little tired and old. I've got so much to update (slowly but surely), but every time I think about the backlog, I push it aside even more... well, no more! I intend to take full advantage of tonight's minor case of insomnia to help the blog cause. So where do I begin?

Well, for starters, I had a pretty awesome Korean meal at Pyung Chang Tofu House in Oakland last night. Ok, it wasn't really "awesome" by Korea standards, but it was pretty darn satisfying. That bowl of 동태찌개 (spicy pollack soup) pictured below was licked clean, along with the banchan.

The service 아줌마 was... um... interesting. ^^ Let's just say this establishment prefers cash to credit cards and is even willing to promise free 순대 if you oblige and return.

So Oakland... this brings me to Point B. I'm currently in the SF Bay Area, California. While I'd much rather be freezing my butt off in Seoul, it looks like I'll be stateside for a while. But I'm homeward bound in TWO DAYS for a nice little vacation, good eats, and family/friend time, so I've definitely got something to look forward to. Homemade 닭도리탕 has been requested. ^^

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