Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend trip to Los Angeles

Took a weekend-ish trip to Korea(ntown) and here are the quick highlights, drumroll please!

#6. Holly's Coffee. A trip down Sentimental Lane. I <3 you, sweet potato latte.

#5. Cafe on 8th and Hobart (I don't recall the name). A bit pricey, but I've been told that any cafe in K-town is pricey. The outdoor deck is charming, and I can imagine it'd be really romantic at night.

#4. Chosun Kalbi. Can you believe I forgot to take out my camera?! The mul naengmyeon was one of the best I've ever had, and Sam and Carol seemed to like the kalbi, too. I think you pay for the upscale ambiance here.

#3. Mapo Dak Kalbi. This hole in the wall will set you back about $40 for two, but it's the only dak kalbi place I've come across stateside. There are no menus, and they didn't give us any banchan (or water!) until we asked in Korean. Once they found out the hapa could speak in mother tongue (gasp!), service took a dramatic turn for the better... in fact, they were downright friendly.

#2. Gaam. Introducing fruit soju and the concept of anju to friends is quite entertaining. As is walking into this place in general... it's what Tao might look like if you stepped into Korea. Ok, maybe not, but I kinda like this place - it's clean, modern, filled with good looking people, and heck, isn't corn cheese reason enough? The only downside? Cigarettes!

Before: OMG, we just ate dinner and we're stuffed, how are you expecting us to eat that? Can't we just drink?

After: Anything's possible.

#1. Ssa Rit Gol. The service kinda stinks, but the ono eats make up for it.

Thanks to Janice and Nhu for resisting the urge to knock me over the head in the midst of my giddy K-town excitement, Anna for being just as excited if not more, Sam and Carol for introducing me to the yummy spots, and 성희언니 for making me feel like I was in Korea again...

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